NI Sidao

Professor Sidao Ni serves as Vice-director of Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth’s Dynamics. Dr. Ni received his bachelor and master degree in geophysics from University of Science and Technology of China, and PhD from California Institute of Technology in 2001. He serves on the editoridal board of Geophysical Journal International, Earth and Planetary Physics, and Chinese Journal of Geophysics, and a member of the IUGG/IASPEI working group on 3D Earth models. His research interesets include computational seismology, global seismology, physics of the Earth’s interior, and joint inversion of earthquake source parameters using geophysical and geodetic data. Dr. Ni has published more than 100  papers in peer-reviewed journals, with 6000 citations ( Google Scholar).