News Update

The 22nd National Spectroscopy Academic Conference Successfully Held

The 22nd National Spectroscopy Academic Conference was successfully held at the Tianjin Social Mountain International Conference Center from August 10th to 13th. The conference was hosted by the Spectroscopy Professional Committee of the Chinese Physical Society, which is affiliated with the Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology (APM), and was co-organized by the School of Chemistry of Nankai University and the Tianjin Chemical Society.

The conference reports were wonderful, the academic atmosphere was strong, and the participants had heated exchanges and discussions on conference reports, current frontier disciplines, and hot issues. Researcher Xu Jun from APM and Professor Shi Fazhan from the University of Science and Technology of China won the 15th Wang Tianjuan Spectroscopy Award. The conference commended two award-winning outstanding young scientific and technological workers on the spot, and also selected 17 excellent wall posters made by graduate students.

Spectroscopy is a frontier direction in the field of basic research. This conference fully demonstrated the latest scientific research achievements and development trends in the field of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in our country, not only exchanged rich academic thoughts, promoted cross-integration and innovation among different disciplines, but also strengthened everyone’s friendship and cooperation. The successful convening of this conference and the establishment of a high-level academic exchange platform will surely inspire more young scientific and technological workers to become leaders in the field of spectroscopy, enhance the academic level and innovation ability of spectroscopy in our country, and help the rapid development of spectroscopy in our country.

academician Liu Maili and Professor Jin Changwen presented awards to Wang Tianjuan Spectroscopy Award winners Xu Jun and Shi Fazhan