News Update

Academician GAO Rui from Sun Yat-sen University was invited to visit APM for academic exchange

On April 14th, invited by the State Key Laboratory of Geodesy and Earth's Dynamics, the team led by Academician GAO Rui from Sun Yat-sen University visited the Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology (APM), and delivered a report titled "Unveiling Crustal Evolution through Deep Seismic Reflection Profiles - From Discovery of Ancient Fossil Subduction Zones to Cenozoic Collision Subduction Dynamics". The meeting was hosted by Researcher CHU Risheng, and nearly 50 teachers and students, including Academician SUN Heping and Researcher YUAN Yunbin, participated in the report exchange.

The report provided a detailed introduction to the methods of using deep seismic reflection profiling techniques to explore the fine structure of the lithosphere and track the tectonic evolution process of the lithosphere in different regions. It first reviewed the international research progress in deep seismic reflection, sharing the Archean fossil subduction and craton evolution history reflected in Sichuan, Songliao Basin, and the Xiong'an region. Then, it explained the paleo-Asian oceanic subduction and accretion orogeny revealed in the eastern segment of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, such as Greater Khingan Range. Finally, he introduced the deep tectonic studies on both sides of the Yamzho Yumco River suture zone in the north and south margins of the Tibetan Plateau and the Qilian Mountains, revealing the processes of continent-continent collision, deep continental subduction, and intracontinental orogeny.

After the report, the participants had a lively discussion on topics such as deep seismic reflection methods, joint inversion of multi-geophysical data, and dynamic processes of intracontinental orogeny, achieving good communication effects.

the meeting scene