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Professor Gottfried Kirchengast and his delegation from the University of Graz visited APM for academic exchange

On April 17th, invited by YUAN Yunbin from the Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology (APM), Professor Gottfried Kirchengast, an academician of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a professor at the University of Graz, and Senior Scientist Julia Danzer visited APM for academic exchanges. They also delivered an academic lecture titled "Monitoring Earth's Climate Change Using Earth Observation Technology: New Insights into Climate Change Physics and Low-Carbon Initiatives." The meeting was chaired by NI Sidao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the vice president of APM. Over 60 participants, including vice president WANG Yong and Researcher YUAN Yunbin, attended the meeting.

The report introduced how recent advances in Earth observation technology have deepened understanding and modeling of the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, revealing the fundamental physical principles of the link between human activity and climate change. Taking the intensification of extreme weather as an example, the report explained how high-resolution observation data can be used to introduce a new type of indicator for tracking and monitoring the evolution of extreme weather. It focused on how Earth observation technology can be applied to carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, climate impact analysis of greenhouse gas emissions, and research on solutions.

After the report, participants engaged in lively discussions on the use of Earth observation technology to monitor Earth's climate change, and agreed to collaborate on deepening scientific research and exchanges in cutting-edge areas such as carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. During this visit, Professor Kirchengast and Dr. Danzer also had in-depth discussions with SUN Heping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on the future development of Earth observation technology and potential collaborations.
the meeting scene